The Captain

The Captain


The captain of the Kadisian military outpost outside Zaragoza is known only to the party by his rank. He highly values the life of the men under his command, and is not willing to needlessly sacrifice them for the sake of furthering the goals of the Empire. However he is more than willing to display cruelty when the situation calls for it; he tortured Leif both physically and emotionally for information on the party. Based on the austere way he maintains his living quarters and the way he marshals his soldiers, he appears efficient and organized. He is also a man of his word, and will not break a promise he makes.

History with the Party

The party first met the captain while investigating the Zaragoza outpost. As they masqueraded in under the guise of a missionary group, the captain was accommodating and gave them a place to stay for the night. However the party got tangled up in a drunken bar fight, escalating to heavy bloodshed on both the Kadisian and party’s forces. Due to pressure being placed on the compound due to a separate incident that seemed to the captain to be a rebel attack, he negotiated a cease fire with the party that prevented anybody from dying and allowed the party to escape. He then proceeded to chase and capture the attacker, which turned out to be Leif. After realizing that Leif was involved with the party, he tortured him for information. With little loyalty tying him to the party, Leif broke under the intense pain and told him as much as he could. The Captain ordered Leif to be transported to the capitol, but the party rescued him from the convoy en route. It is now assumed that the captain is searching for these insurgents who have caused him so much trouble.


Torture Room

The Captain: “You poor, poor cur. Your allies have no sense of honor. They traded your life for theirs.”

Leif: “Why would they sell me out? (laughs) It’s not like I know anything. I’ve just been following these saps around trying to pick up some loot. What use would you have for me, anyway?”

The Captain: “Oh, Commander Castellano has many uses for rebel scum such as yourself.”

Leif: “Who says I’m a rebel?”

The Captain: “Who says you aren’t? For all my official reports know, you’ve been raiding us for weeks, and by finally bringing you in we’ve dealt rebel activity in this area a severe blow. Besides, by the time I’m done with you… You’ll be whoever I want you to be.”

(The Captain tortures Lief with a corkscrew, a dagger, and a spiked stethoscope.)

Leif: “Look, look, just stop. All I know is…” (Leif tells the captain everything he knows about the party, including the racial identities of his party members and information about the way they fights.)

The Captain

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